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Birdwatching in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country with greatly extraordinary diverse landscape situated in the Horn of Africa that bisects the country diagonally, Northwest and Southeast Mountainous Massifs by the Great Rift Valley. From the Palearctic autumn to spring (September to April) Ethiopia’s avifauna is vastly supplemented by migrants, many of them guided by the Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia is also much easiest part of the Horn of Africa to stay or to visit, and Ornithological appealing country, birding in its rich and unique flora and fauna is truly exceptional and joyful.

Birders on a two to three weeks trip can expect to see 420 to 500 species, including up to 53 endemic and near-endemic.

Due to its extraordinary diverse landscape, and its broad range of altitude and climatic zones, Ethiopia comprises a wide range of habitat types including Deseret, Arid land,Dry thorn-bush and SavannahWoodland,Tropical Forest, Montane Grassland and Escarpment, Afro-alpine Moorlands and Wetlands.

Ethiopia is safe place to stay, and to spot many bird species that are hard to see anywhere else owing the difficulty of access to neighbouring countries.

The major Ethiopian range of birding habitat includes the Addis Ababa region, the North Central Highlands, the Awash region, the Central Rift Valley ( Chain of Lakes), the Bale Mountains, the Southern Lowlands (Negele and Yabello region), and the South west.Beside birds, fascinating endemic flora and fauna are interesting and found through the country. Our birding trip will be also enhanced by the endemic animals including Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboon, Mountain Nyala and more.

Ethiopian bird species can be categorized as Resident, Intra-African migrant, Palearctic migrant and Vagrant. Ethiopia is not only serving as a wintering ground for large numbers of Palearctic birds but also many remains through year round over here. Birding Ethiopia during the Palearctic winter (November to March) that large numbers of migrants are present, including species that can be hard to see on their breeding grounds.

Medieval Ethiopia Tour formed to bring the fascinating history and culture of Ethiopia to the world.

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